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On this page you can find many books about Basset Hounds, but it's not books I have for sale!!

I have created this page, to make it a little easier for you to find a book about your favourite breed. From my own experience
it makes a book-hunt a lot easier if you already know a tittle and the author. About half of these books I own myself, some bought on visits
to London and Dublin, some given to me by good friends and some I found on the Internet  -  a very easy and fast way to find and
buy the books you want.    

Only a few of these books are in another language than English! Some of them are very old and could be difficult to find for sale.

I wish you a good Basset Hound book-hunt!


Basset Hound
by I.C. Christensen

Published in Denmark by Clausens Břger in 1976
(48 pages)

To my knowledge still the only Danish book about Basset Hounds.


The guide to Owning a
Basset Hound
by Lisa Puskas

Published by T.F.H. Publications, Inc., U.S.A.
(64 pages)


Chováme psy
by Iva Cernohubová

Published by Dona, Czech Rep. in 1998
(110 pages)


Can Di Razza
IL Bassethound
by Giovanna Capra

Published by Giovanni De Vecchi, Italy in 1994
(157 pages)


The Basset Hound
by Marianne Nixon

Published by T.F.H. Kingdom in England
(192 pages)


The Official Book of the
Basset Hound
by Robert E. Booth

Published by T.F.H. Publications,Inc. in U.S.A.
(320 pages)


The Basset Hound
by Marcia A. Froy

Published by T.F.H. Publications, Inc. in U.S.A.
(320 pages)


Basset Hounds
A Complete pet owners manual


A new Owner's Guide to
Basset Hounds
by Joan Urban

Published by T.F.H., Inc. U.S.A.
(158 pages)


The Basset Hound
by George Johnston

Published by Popular Dogs, London
(228 pages)


An owners guide a happy healthy pet
The Basset Hound
by Babara Wicklund

Published by Howell Book House, U.S.A.
(158 pages)


Basset Hound
by Evelyn Elizabeth Lanyon

Published by Pet Love, England
(158 pages)


The New Basset Hound
by Margaret S. Walton

Published by Howell Book House, U.S.A.
(205 pages)


Basset Hounds
by Diane McCarty


How to raise and train a
Basset Hound
by Arthur Liebers & Dorothy Hardy

Published by T.F.H. Publications, U.S.A.
(64 pages)


The Basset Hound
by Joan Wells-Meacham

Published by John Bartholomew & Son Limited, Scottland
(76 pages)


 The New Complete
Basset Hound

by Mercedes Braun

Published by Howell Book House Inc., USA
(352 pages)


The Basset Hound
by E.Fitch Daglish

Published by W & G. Foyle LTD., London
(76 pages


This is the
Basset Hound
by Ernest H. Hart

Published by T.F.H. Publications Ltd

(224 pages)


 Basset Hounds
by Diane McCarthy

Published by T.F.H. Publications Ltd.
(125 pages)


All About the
Basset Hound
by Jeanne Rowett Johns

Published by Pelham Books, London
(160 pages)


Maggie's Way - observations below your knees
by Bill Stanton


Books about Basset Hounds for Children:


The Dog who had Kittens
by Polly M. Robertus


My Dog Toby
by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha


Claude the Dog - a Christmas story
by Dick Gackenback


A Dog Lovers Mystery
Howling bloody murder
by Sue Owens Wright

If you are the owner of, just know of, or even yourself are an author of a book about Basset Hounds - please let me know!