If you don't believe Basset Hounds can be trained, get ready to be flabbergasted:

First of all you have to work on getting your Bassets full attention
- and always remember to praise and pet your dog, when ever its doing something right.

Before giving any command, you must be sure your dog is focused on you
 - and while training your dog new things, you must help and surpport it.

Some things are more dangerous in the eyes of a Basset than others. So help and surport is needed

- and depending of the individuel dog, it will soon learn and enjoy. 

Your dog will learn to trust you, and learn to master more difficult obstickles on the way,  

- and gain more selfconfidens with every new experience.

If you train a Basset Hound the right way, your dog will try co-operate with you the best way it can, because it's fun. 

Your Basset will love and respect you, because it will find you to be a good master.

You should only train "on leach" for small short sessions, as your Basset Hound otherwise will get bored.   

Always reward your dog, with clikker, dog-cookies or some playtime with it's favourite toy.  

In everyday life your dog will enjoy to obay you, walk prober on leach and come when called - who won't enjoy such a dog?  

Yes, and even a Basset Hound can learn how to jump, run through tunnels and lots of other fun stuff.


So if you are the proud owner of a Basset Hound, there is really no excuse not to train
 - and your dog will love you even more for being such a good and cleaver master.