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"Pampas", our import from Argentina arrived to Denmark in Marts 2005, one year old. 
He is such a happy and sweet boy, so full of self-confidence and so curious of all new things he meets on his way,
always exploring the world around him. He is so full of charm, that we call him our "Latin lover boy". Even though
he looks kind of sad on the photos, we have never met at Basset, with so much smile and happiness in his eyes. 

Pampas found himself right at home with us, and soon became part of our Basset pack as an accepted member. If you ask him he
is the boss, but the others do not agree!

"Pampas" 5 months old & 7 months old. 

His name BayBiscuit, is the name of a cake, but we decided that our import from Argentina should have the
pet-name Pampas, from the huge famous grasslands of Argentina, called La Pampa.   

Here you see Pampas as a puppy.