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"Valde" was born: 19.June 1991

- and went to the Rainbow Bridge July 2004

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Leifland's Just Like Daddy X Olympos E.L. Cinnabar

Benoit's Hoopy-Hutch was never a show dog nor a obedience dog. He was sold a puppy to a family
who called him Valde. They loved him very much, but when he was about 7 years old he was in need
of a new home. He found that home back with us, and became soon a big part of our lives. Finding
his place in our Basset pack as the much respected "grumpy old man". Being the only dog in a family
for most of his life, it was never hard for him to settle in, but he had his own ideas and no one could
ever change that. So we never demanded much of him, and in fact there was really not much reason
to, as he was fairly well behaved. He was a sweet and loving boy, who only made a fuss when the
youngsters disturbed his sleep. Then the "lion" in him woke - and they soon learned, that even though
this "lion" do not bite, better take care!! For Valde being a part of a pack, meant being near some sweet
and lovely girls - and that part of live he really enjoyed.

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Valde as 10 years old. 

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Summer 2004. Valde sleeping with the rest of the pack! You see him laying on the right corner of the huge dog-bed.
1. photo: Carly and Gayla in the corner, on the dog-bed Tomster, Gathe, Ubbe and Joppe.
2. photo: Tomster, Gathe, Ubbe, Joppe, Maruska, Triton and Valde.
3. photo: Maruska, Triton, Valde and Misha in the small dog-bed.

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Summer 1999. Valde in the yard with some of his friends.

1. photo: In the back - Tomster & Misha. In the front from the left - Eva from Portugal, Bosse, Gayla and Valde.
2. photo: In the back - Bosse. In the front from the left - Misha, Eva, Gayla, Tomster, Valde and Joppe.


We miss our "grumpy old man",  Valde will always be in our hearts.