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In 1971 Anne-Therese met her first Basset Hound, and it was love at first sight! Benoit was his name,
a young male making problems for his owner, as he did not like to be left home alone all day. A neigh- bour did not enjoy his howling so much, and felt sorry for him. She made a complaint, so the only thing Benoit’s owner could do was to find somebody who would love to spent some time with him during the day - that one was Anne-Therese! Every day after school she pick him up, went for long walks with him and played with him. If Benoit’s owner had to go out for the evening or for the week-end, he spend the time with Anne-Therese’s family. Here he soon became part of the family, and even went along with them on holidays too.

If Benoit did not get the attention at home, he thought he deserved, he ran away to find his best friend and playmate. Soon after he was found missing, he would always turn up at the doorsteps of Anne- Therese’s home. Twice this bad habit got him in trouble, as one time he got run over by a car, and second time he by mistake spend several days locked in a strangers garage, mistaken for an other Basset Hound by a well meaning neighbour who had found running around loose.

For 4 happy years Benoit and Anne-Therese were a daily part of each others lives, then Benoit and
his owner had to move to another city. It was a very sad day when they moved, but until Benoit died a the age of 12 years old they kept in touch, visiting eachother from time to time. Every re-union a happy occasion, where they enjoyed each others company once again. Benoit was a fateful friend and a wonderful companion, and will never be forgotten!

In honour of his memory, we chose his name to be our kennel prefix.

In 1986 we got our first dog – a Basset Hound male! "Shannon" never became a show dog, but a wonderful and happy working obedience dog, passing both class 1 and 2 trials. Half a year later we were offered "Ritte" at 2 years old, and she came to live with us. She had one litter were we kept a male Buffy and a bitch Sheena. Soon after "Ritte" followed RenÚ's choice of breed, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen called "Shardik". Until now the most successful show-dog of kennel Benoit as he in 1990 became Dog of the year no.4 in Dansk Kennel Klub. In 1988 kennel Olympos offered us to buy the most wonderful and promising puppy bitch, and "Keshia" became our foundation bitch. Today her son Misha, her grand children Gayla, Lizka, and Joppe, and her great grand children Tomster, Gathe and Triton are loved and enjoyed here at kennel Benoit, Marke M°lle.

Below you see the pedigree of Benoit


Poorman X Adelheid

  Sungarth Sykemoor Aimwell
Chantinghall Lancer  
  Mariseni Goodness Gracious
  Fredwell Maestro
Varon Blanche  
  Varon Vellum
  Pointgrey Suss's Folly
Dreymin Fingal  
  Dreymin Venture
  Barnspark Clarion
Dreymin Tricia  
  Dreymin Venture

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Anne-Therese with some of our first Basset Hounds:

From left you see:
Leifland's Jackpot / Shannon
Olympos Marguerita Sun Rise / Ritte
Benoit's Buffy-Balou / Buffy
Benoit's Sheena-Shakira / Sheena
Benoit's Bugsy-Bernard / Misha
Olympos E.L. Cinnabar / Keshia
Benoit's Zoe-Zedenka / Josephine - breed by us, but not own by us.