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"Carly" was from Portugal, and since the day she arrived to Denmark, we all fell in love with her sweetness and charm immediately.
She was a very special Basset girl, strong and self-confident, and walk around with so much pride.

We called her Carly, but she also had a special nickname her breeder in Portugal gave her, and that was Carlotinha.

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Carly as a puppy

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Carly was always active and playing by herself or with some of the "gang" of  Bassets. Here you see her with Ubbe and Gathe.
She was truly an out door dog, who did not care so much if it was rain, sunshine or even snow!

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Carly also enjoyed to snuggle up close to her dear friend Gathe. They
were so alike in colour, that it was sometime difficult to tell them apart!

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Since the first day Carly meet our new cat Nefi, she had the time of her life.
At first she was not sure to hate the cat or love it, but for sure the cat was very interesting.
As soon as she saw the cat she would forget everything else, even eating! For a long time
the cats was almost terrified of all the attention Carly gave her, but they finally decided to be
friends, and Carly thought a cat is the best toy ever invented for a dog!

When we last our cats, Carlotinha was very sad. Instead she fell in love with a squeaking latex
toy, that she stole from Gathe's puppies. From that on, you could almost always hear were
Carly were from the squeaking sound. She played with in the house, in the garden, slept
with it and put it beside her bowl when eating. Actually it was a quite annoying sound, but
when we looked at her having so much fun with it, it always put a big smile on our faces.

That funny squeaking sound will forever remind us of our very special girl from Portugal

- our dearest Carlotinha! We will miss you forever.