Maruska is, together with her four siblings, the result of true love and a life long love affair between our Ubbe and Gathe.
Their mating was planed, but we cannot say the same about the 3 kittens our cat Nefi had 3 weeks earlier. It was our first
litter of kittens, and big were our surprise, when our first born puppy had the markings of a cat on her left side. With eyes,
ears and even a tail. We had a good laugh, and wondered if Gathe had spent to much time with Nefi's kittens?!

4WeeksMaruska_Sit1.jpg (22678 bytes)  6WeeksMaruska_Sit1.jpg (24525 bytes)  
Maruska 4 and 6 weeks old.


Puppies1week16.jpg (30540 bytes) 6WeeksMaruska_Stand1.jpg (20679 bytes)
Well as you can see Maruska's cat lost the tail sometime between the age of 4 and 6 weeks old.
So now we call it Maruska's tail-less cat.

Maruska is a cute and happy little girl, who enjoys very much to be near people and playing with
the older Bassets of our kennel. She is a very funny and self-confident bitch, that we love very much.

Gathe&Maruska.jpg (22094 bytes)
Here you see Maruska (to the right) with her mother Gathe (to the left)

Maruska is very active, and as the rest of our Basset-gang, she also enjoys obedience training.
Especialy when we do agility, as you see here:


The photo's were taken first time she tried agility, on a hot summer day in 2004.