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In so many ways "Misha" was a "once in a lifetime" dog, - so very special. Here you see him
two of his greatest loves in life. His best friend Buffy and his mother Keshia. 

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Otherwise Misha has had some good wins in the show-ring, but enjoyed so much more the obedience-ring.
Here he had some great results in his younger days and were a funny, happy and proud working dog.
Here some of
greatest wins with Anne-Therese:

Basset Klubben's
Gold Obedience Dog of the Year in class 1

Basset Klubben's
Silver Obedience Dog of the Year in class 1

Basset Klubben's
 Gold Obedience Dog of the Year in class 1
1997 & 1998

Basset Klubben's
Silver Obedience Dog of the Year in class 1

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Here Misha as a puppy, he has his pet-name after the Bear mascot from the Olympic games in Moscow 1980

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- and here you see him together with his half-sister Benoit's Twyla-Tanyana. She lives
with some of our best friends, at kennel Bohemia Horrido in Czech Rep., where this
photo was taken on one of our many wonderful visits there.

Misha as a very sleepy puppy, and together with one of his many girlfriends, Eva from Portugal.


In the spring of 2006 it became slowly obvious that Misha had become an old man. He had been gray for several years, but he seemed
not so strong anymore. He had not real health problems, except old age, and he carried his age with pride. However we knew, that we
could loose him any time and tried to prepare ourselves. Wishing for him to experience ones more the beautiful spring time and his 14
years birthday. This gorgeous male had always been an obedient and faithful companion, and almost like a last tribute to the joy for
making us happy, he made our last wish for him come true. On the day of his 14 birthday he fell a sleep - never to wake up again.
Off cause we felt no happiness, but we did feel a huge releaf that Misha's death came with no pain. From the day he was born until
the day he died , we had the great pleasure of having this wonderful Basset boy in our lives.

What more can a dog owner really want and hope for?

Misha - we will always love you, and miss you more that words can tell.