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"Shardik" our one an only Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, was our first pick out of a litter when he was only 1 week old. We wanted
a Grand looking excactly like his father Dampierre - and we realy came cloose by luck! Sharik was a wonderful showdog, who
enjoyed to show-off. He also enjoyed obedience training and became rather good at that too. He loved people, when he first got to
know them, but he was no pack dog, at least not a pack with other males than himself. 

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Shardik as a puppy!

Although there are some resemblence with Basset Hounds - "Grands" are not Basset Hounds, they can not even been compared compleatly
to the more well know "little brother" Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Off cause at some points they are alike as they are all Hounds, but if you
think you just get a Basset Hound with a different kind of coat or a Petit with longer legs, you might get dissapointed - or positive surprised,
depending on how well this breed suits you! 

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"Shardik" loved children, so we realy made his day, when he was choosen
to pull a hadicaped boy around in this dog-carrige. He was so proud, that
he could not get enough of it - and the boy too!