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"Tomster" is exactly the cute and charming boy he looks! You really have to have a heart of stone, not to fall in love in him
- and he knows it too! If he sets his mind to it, he can be stubborn like hell, but act like a crazy clown and you are right in his
ball-game. He is a very challenging obedience-dog, as on one part you cannot make to much fun or he will get too wild, and
on the other part, jerk his leash even the slightest and he refuses to work at all! Not even a cookie put on his nose will make
him move!

Never the less:

Tomster became Silver Obedience Dog of the year 2002 !!!!

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Unlike his half-brother Joppe, it does not come natural for Tomster to sit like this on his but.
However wanting to do what his 3 months older brother did, he tried it anyway. In the beginning
not with much success,  but today he can almost do it to perfection! It has become his way of
getting attention when ever he wants it - and it is a little hard to resist!

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However the way to Tomster's heart is always fun and joy. That is why he soon became best friend with Finn,
a pale faced
Basset from U.S.A., who stayed with us for 6 month before going to Norway. Seeing those two
together, did not make you wonder
why they liked each other so much, they were really kindred sprits.

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Tomster as a puppy!