"Adanya" was born: 19.10.2005


Victoria Bohemia Horrido X Benoit's Tucky-Tomster 

    Tal-E-Ho's Smooth Operator
  Mørkeberg's Ivanhoe  
    Mørkeberg's Queen of Diamonds
Benoit's Bugsy-Bernard    
    Scheel's First Edition
  Olympos E.L. Cinnabar  
    Olympos Sky Level Of Jercat
    Quintus v. Herzogtum Jülich
  Atilla Bohemia Horrido  
    Heidi of my sweet home
Gayla Bohemia Horrido    
    Leifland's Just Like Daddy
  Benoit´s Twyla-Tanyana  
    Olympos E.L. Cinnabar
    Scheel´s Excalibur
  Moerkeberg´s Its Now Or Never  
    Mørkeberg's Ophelia
Balmacara Baxter    
    Bentley v.Hollandheim
  Brandydale Blackbird  
    Brandydale Escapade
    Bassbarr Defender Counsel
  Bassbarr Danilo  
    Bassbarr Byzance at Bronia
Judita Bohemia Horrido    
    Atilla Bohemia Horrido
  Elisabeth Bohemia Horrido  
    Benoit´s Twyla-Tanyana

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