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Elisabeth Bohemia Horrido, Benoit's Bygsy-Bernard  and halfbrother Benoit's Hoopy-Hutch

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Olympos E.L. Cinnabar our foundation bitch, her granddaughter Gayla Bohemia Horrido
& our Portuguese import Carlotta Joaquina Do Vale Da Palha  

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Olympos Marguerita Sun Rise -  mother of Benoit's Buffy-Balou & Benoit's Sheena-Shakira

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Leifland's Jackpot our first Basset Hound &
Arlequin's Etienne De La Boulaie - our one and only Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

If you want to see pedigrees and more pictures of our "oldies", click their photos

All of them now gone to the Rainbow Bridge, 

and all remembered with deep love and dearly missed!

If you want to read the poem of the Rainbow Bridge, click here:

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